Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 6:28 AM
Wow, I really dropped the ball on this thing huh? I haven't written in a month and a half, probably a record or something for me haha. I guess nothing really grabs me anymore; no finals or essays to procrastinate. Also, I think of bunches of things to write about but don't feel that I can really do the topic justice, and then while I think about it the moment passes and I don't really feel like writing about it anymore. That and I haven't really been near a computer for the past month or so.

On one hand, I guess this means I'm too busy living my life to actually write about it, which I suppose is a good thing. And I tend to write when I'm in deep contemplation or just not too happy, and it's safe to say that the past month and a half I have been pretty content with my life - another good thing! On the other hand, I guess I do miss writing kind of, maybe. Debating switching to tumblr so I can repost things and upload some songs that I love and what not, but we'll see. I kind of have a soft spot for Blogger...we've been through a lot.

Let's see, my life in the past month or two in a nutshell: Done with half of college, okay grades, a lot of packing/unpacking/repacking, BC graduation (really depressing), my sister graduated from Brown, dog got hit by a car (but is okay! just stitches thankfully), moved to a new house in Los Altos, now in Taiwan until Friday. Plans for summer are a part time internship, lots of chilling, hopefully a part time job too.

Not much to say, life is good.

1 Responses to Whoops

  1. Life has its ups and downs, all of which we choose how we will react to our circumstances, when we react well life is better and when we react poorly not so good. The best way to react well is to allow God to change us from the inside out and then we are able to accept things that come our way without allowing them control over us. His son Jesus the Christ died to pay the price for sin and brake its power over us. We must simply repent and accept by faith that which has been accomplished for us. Check out the book of John in the Bible. Life is short but eternity is forever.